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the anne witch [userpic]
by the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze)

i beat the Simpsons game a few nights ago. i wish it had lasted longer - i clocked about 5 hours on it. it was an absolute gem of a game and i'm so happy that i bought it!

it was only 24.99$ before tax at Wal-Mart, which surprised me, because i thought it would be more costly, as it just game out the end of October.

like i said in my last post, i couldn't stop laughing with delight as i played the first level. remember that episode where Burns sells the plant to the Germans, and Homer has that daydream about the land of chocolate? that's what it was like! hitting chocolate rabbits, eating chocolate, roaming the land of chocolate and jumping on marshmallows - it made me a bit hungry.

it's a platform game, which is my favourite sort of game. you can hover-jump, by pressing the jump button a second time when you're in the air, to get more height. each character has their own special move -

if Homer eats enough food, you can make him inflate and roll around really fast, which is useful for killing multiple enemies, and you can roll him up a small ramp to give him more height. once you've unlocked Helium Homer, you can hit "x" when you see a canister of helium, and that fills him up with air, and you can make him float like a balloon for a short period of time.

Bart turns into Bartman when he hover-jumps, complete with mask and cape, and he can soar when he jumps, and float on currents of air.

Lisa has the Hand of Enlightenment - when you see a hand with pearl bracelet, you hit "x", and she meditates in front of it. then the Hand appears above, and you can use it to move objects (the objects you can move glow, so you know which to move, and you use the stylus to move them), and sometimes you can use the stylus to drag Lisa to a higher peak.

Marge has this weird mob power, she has a megaphone and you can tap citizens (like Willie, Apu, Bumblebee Man, etc) to make them join her mob. this is useful for two reasons - you can move barriers (if it needs 3 mob members, it says 0/3, for example) once you have enough members, you tap the barrier a few times and the will push it down. you can tell who's in the mob because they have green circles above them. also, if Marge starts fighting someone, the mob members will come take over, and defeat them for you.

also, she can occasionally release Maggie, who will crawl in hard-to-reach spaces, and do things, ie hit something to make a path appear.

the game is pretty easy - there were a few parts where i wasn't sure what to do, but once i thought about it for a couple minutes, it came to me. i didn't have to resort to the internet for help once.

you can fight enemies by hitting them, but you can't jump on them and squash them like in Mario.

some levels are like a relay - for example, Bart and Homer will appear at the beginning, and you'll play as Bart, and eventually you'll pull a switch and that will activate Homer, who starts to play until he meets Bart.

the characters say things during the game, and when they're hitting things, which is very funny.

the graphics were amazing, except for the mouths, which were a bit off, but that was the only fault i found. you had your levels you played, and then after the levels and sometimes before, there would be - like - a clip, of the Simpsons talking and doing stuff, to thread the levels together. don't know how else to explain that. it was like - an episode of the Simpsons, with levels you could play.

it was really neat how they had to battle "the creator", who turned out to be none other than Matt Groening. and in one of the clips he was in his office, and he was talking to his secretary on the intercom, and she called him "Mr Groaning", and he snapped at her "it's GRAINING!"

there was this awesome level later on in the game, towards the end, that was themed as his Life Is Hell comic, which tickled me to no end, because i love Life Is Hell.

all in all it was a spectacular game and i highly recommend it. if you like really long and challenging games, this may not be for you, as it was pretty easy and short, but at 24.99$ before tax, it's worth giving it a try :)

i went to Wal-Mart again today and i saw the most lovely Princess Peach travel DS thing - it was a metal Princess Peach lunchbox! and it came with screen protectors, an adapter thing you can use to charge your DS in the car, 2 game cases, headphones, a DS skin and an extra stylus. it was the most lovely thing i had ever seen. it was 36.95$ i think, so i didn't buy it, and instead i am putting it on my Christmas wish list.

the stores here always have a terrible game selection for the DS, but since it's nearly Christmas, they've gotten some really interesting titles in - no Castlevania though, which is what i desire more than anything.

i had walked in there with the sole intention of purchasing Drawn to Life. i also saw Dementium: The Ward, though, so i got that as well as Drawn to Life. and then i saw The Grinch Who Sold Christmas, which i had no idea was a DS game, and since it was only 19.99$, i had to get it. and then i got the manual for The Phantom Hourglass.

this should keep me busy for awhile.

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Posted by: the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze)
Posted at: December 9th, 2007 07:29 am (UTC)

i'm getting it for my sister for christmas :)

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