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Cult of the Nintendo DS

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welcome to the Cult of the Nintendo DS! if you're obsessed with the DS, then you've come to the right place! you can post anything here as long as it has to do with the DS - pictures, questions, game questions/information, friend codes, icons, random love, introductions, etc.

of course, there are always rules, aren't there?

1) please do not be rude and please keep the snark out of this community.

2) picture are more than welcome, as long as they're behind an lj-cut. don't know how to do a cut? click here.

3) no auction/selling posts. i'll delete them if you make them.

4) no promoting other communities without permission. if you know of a community that you desperately want to share with others here, please comment in my journal with the name of the community and why you want to promote it and i'll let you know if you can.

5) be nice and have fun!

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